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Smart shower head

The new Smartflow Shower Head, with patented motion detection technology, trickles automatically when the user moves away from the water jet and the desired water temperature is reached.

Consisting of 50 high pressure nozzles distributed evenly on a 7 inch shower head, Oasense shower head provides an exceptional shower experience with a uniform and controlled flow.

Reducing the environmental impact.

Save Water, energy and waste management.

Our Smartflow Shower Head brings ecological awareness to our users and customers by notably increasing level of satisfaction and brand loyalty.

We generate up to 60% savings compared to the traditional passive showers in the market.

60% Water Savings.


To use is very simple. Wwe turn on the tap, the flow automatically trickles when the water reaches the user’s desired temperature.

We then continue with the usual shower process, the water flow will automatically trickle when the user steps away and restarts when the user gets close.


  1. Open the faucet
  2. Let the water warm to the desired temperature
  3. The water will automatically trickle once the desired temperature is reached
  4. Get under the shower to turn the flow on
  5. While you are away the water flow will trickle
  6. When you step under the shower the water will start flowing again


  • Standard threaded installation, there is no construction or special plumbing necessary. Water-powered sensor array.
  • Temporary override button.
  • Optional jet mode.
  • It is not necessary to recharge or change the battery, the system is self power through water flow. You do not need any type of external power outlet.
  • No special maintenance required.



Shower head angle: α between 10 and 25 degrees

Shower head orientation: Logo on the top edge, the status light on the bottom edge as shown on the right.



  • Soap mode
  • Rinse mode
  • Low battery: charging mode Heating mode (flashing)
  • Stop Sensing (blink)
  • Device turned off or rebooted (blink)


Press the large button, see button 1 on the left, to pause or resume sensing.

When sensing is stopped or disable, the water will continue to flow independently the position of the user like a traditional shower.

To reset the device, press and hold both buttons for 4 seconds until the flashing amber light turns off. Release the button when the amber light dims.

The shower head will flash white and amber light, once turned off the reboot process will be complete.


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